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Category: KANIC Published: Friday, 25 April 2014

Kumaran Asan National Institute of Culture (KANIC) was founded in 1958 with the aim of establishing an appropriate memorial for this great individual who was in the forefront of Kerala renaissance. Prof. Joseph Mundassery who was the Minister for Education during the EMS ministry and an eminent literary figure laid the foundation stone for this prestigious institute. R. Sankar, former Chief Minister of Kerala and also a great thinker, educationalist and social reformer, was the first president of the institute.

The Kumaranasan memorial was inaugurated by R. Sankar. The first secretary was Kumaran Asan’s son Prabhakaran. Former Presidents of this institute include M.K. Kumaran, M. Divakaran, N.K. Damodaran, Dr. T.K. Raveendran, A.P. Udayabhanu, M.P. Appan, Dr. N.A. Karim, Dr. M.M. Basheer, Dr. M.R. Thampan and G.Balachandran. Presently the administration rests with a committee presided over by Dr. N. Mukundan with V.Sasi M.L.A. as Vice Chairman and Surendranath Chennilode as Secretary. M.P. Subash is the Director of this institute.

The Present Managing Committee

  • Chairman : Dr.N.Mukundan
  • Vice Chairman : V.Sasi M.L.A.
  • Secretary : Surendranath Chennilode
  • Treasurer : Block Development Officer Pothencode Block Panchayat


  • Dr.A.Sampath M.P.
  • Adv.M.A.Vaheed MLA
  • Prof.K.P.suseelan
  • Madhu Maranadu
  • A.A.Jaleel
  • Prof.G.Padmarao
  • Prof.A.Sushamadevi
  • ShaheerjiAhamed
  • M.R.Ravi   (Member Dist.Panchayat Thiruvananthapuram)
  • Thevarthottam Sukumaran
  • S.Kavitha   (President GramaPanchayat Mangalapuram)
  • Adv.Vetturoad Vijayan    (President Block Panchayat Pothencode)
  • Dr.P.Soman
  • Prof.P.Vijayakumar
  • Vakkom V.R.Sukumaran
  • K.S. Ajithkumar    (Development standing Committee Chairman Block Panchayat Pothencode)
  • G.Gopa Kumar   (Member Grama Panchayat Mangalapuram)
  • Dr.B.V.Sasikumar
  • K.Subhash
  • Adv.V.K.Raju

Director : M.P.Subhash

The Kumaran Asan National Institute of Culture was founded with the aim to preserve India’s cultural heritage, familiarise the rest of the world with Indian cultural identity, to understand the various streams of culture in the world and to imbibe the favourable aspects of them on the basis of India’s own native culture. The Government of Kerala has proclaimed a plan for this purpose involving 180 acres of land costing around Rs. 35 crores.

The plans that are proposed to be put into action soon include

  1. Establishing an international centre for study and research.
  2. Providing accommodation & ensuring an atmosphere suitable for creativity for writers and artists from all over the world
  3. Establishing a National Museum of Culture and heritage
  4. Establishing Asan museum which will reveal the life of Kumaran Asan and his contemporaries
  5. Establishing an international museum of painting and Sculpture

Steps will soon be taken to start P.G. Courses in subjects like culture, environmental studies etc. and for preparing & carrying out research programmes. Measures for starting a multilingual centre has been formulated. Initial steps have been started to bring together eminent public figures, individuals engaged in literary & cultural activities, journalists, teachers including university faculty, job seekers, housewives, people engaged in the fields of agriculture, health, labour, law, industry, construction etc and giving them training. A cultural tourism centre will be started shortly. Construction work is in rapid progress, Renowned sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman is in charge of all the construction activities.

There is a publication section in existence in this institute. KANIC has published about 50 books including an authentic biography of Kumaran Asan in English, Malayalam and Sanskrit. The magazine Vivekodayam that was started by Asan as voice of SNDP Yogam is now published by KANIC as its chief publication. Dr.N.Mukundan is the editor of the magazine.

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